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art IS twitter art by hunter cole
art IS CREATing the wORld through chiNA through the art of the world through twitter
Sep 30th from bit.ly

art creates our world
art reflects our world
the capital letters in art IS spell out creation stories from cultures and religions from around the world
in one tweet one story has ended and another has begun
you are the god of your twitter site
you have followers
you can block, ban and excommunicate followers
people you do not follow try to get your attention by invoking your name
you listen to the people you follow
you are a part of the art

"From the third to the sixth century A.D., particulary in southern China, a popular creation myth centered around the immense and generative power and fertility of the god P'an Ku." - Sproul, Barbara C. Primal Myths: Creating the World. San Francisco: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1979.








the art featured in the first creation story in art IS will be presented in a video loop in a gallery setting

@art_IS_LIVE will be the live gallery feed for viewers to enter tweets during the exhibition of @art_IS_

YouTube playlist featuring videos used in the first creation story of @art_IS_

some of the art featured on art IS is found on twitter

submit art to be considered for art IS by tweeting @art_IS_ link

if you have created art using twitter, join the twitter art twitter group

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copyright © 2009 hunter cole