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Stacey Reinhold, "Faces of Expression," Avenues of Adventure: Where to Go & What to See in Northern Indiana, September 18 - October 15, 1998


Everyone needs a way to express themselves. For Hunter O'Reilly (now known as Hunter Cole), a geneticist currently doing cancer research, that outlet lies in oils, watercolors, a canvas and a unique perspective on life.

From images she sees under a microscope in her research to her own notion that perception among the masses is rarely symmetrical, O'Reilly has created a series of "Abstract Faces" that intrigue and perplex even the most educated art enthusiast. Now through Sept. 30, O'Reilly's contemporary works are on display at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore cafe in Mishawaka.

Influenced by Picasso, Kandinsky and Miro, Hunter describes her style of art as "Hunterism," a self named postmodern art form characterized by the use of single lines or shapes to simultaneously define the contours of more than one person and/or object. In one of her best masterpieces, titled "Shocked People," O'Reilly's unique perspective is played out through lines and colors that, from various angles, take on the appearances of a number of faces with various expressions.

"While some might say that the scientific process is radically different from painting," Hunter finds them complementary. Science requires the scientist not to impose order on nature, but rather to find order in nature." In the same way, this artist's abstract art invites viewers to discover order where it is least expected.

Commonly, O'Reilly uses birds, multitudes of faces and fetus-like shapes to express herself and her powerful feelings toward freedom, womanhood and rebirth. "I seek to create art which will have a life of its own," says this self professed explorer who makes new discoveries about the building blocks of life. In turn, the artist says, she produces a realm for others to explore and provides opportunity for individuals to add their own perspectives.

O'Reilly, who resides in both Madison, Wis., and South Bend, is no stranger to exhibiting her art. She has been the solo artist at exhibits throughout Madison and has participated in group exhibitions from New York to California.

For more information on Hunter O'Reilly's art, visit her web site at http://www.huntercole.org

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